Sorcerer King V1.01

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Sorcerer King V1.01

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  • Fixed a bug where if you used details screen to equip an item to anyone but the army leader, the arrows to choose another army unit would disappear
  • Clarified objective text for "The Great Offer"
  • Fixed a crash that happened if you saved and loaded a game after casting a city enhancement.

UI Improvements & Visual improvements

  • Darkling Shaman, Trog Commander, Trog Sniper, and Urxen commander now have unique visuals so they are immediately recognizable for their unique gameplay abilities
  • Better distribution of forests and hills on the campaign map
  • Improved many icons for items and spells
  • Updated Kingdom City models and textures
  • Adjusted textures on Rival pioneer units
  • Adjusted chasm wall texture values
  • Improved the City Details Window to better accommodate cities with lots of improvements
  • Added new unit portraits
  • Updated the Kingdom Campaign map's aesthetics

Balance & Tweaks

  • "Restore Land" is now a 1 tile spell and is castable in more parts of the world
  • Decreased the charging time for Drogon’s summoning ability "Draconian Ally" from 10 to 6. It now costs 10 mana
  • Raise Land can no longer be cast on Mountains or Shadow Mountains.
  • Drakes are now slightly more resistant to your charms
  • The final battle with Sorcerer King is tougher on tougher levels
  • Legendary item 'Archon Plate' no longer gives +100 physical def per shard (though that certainly was a legendary buff)
  • 'Soulburn' - now does 1/2 the HP of the sacrificed unit as fire damage to all enemies. Costs 10 mana but adds 3 doomsday.
  • Falcon Scout's sight increased from 2 to 3
  • Every so many turns, the Lieutenants will gain additional units added to their army
  • Lieutenants will start destroying cities when the threat is 5.
  • Slowed down the rate in which Rivals become enthralled by the Sorcerer King
  • Varda the Slayer rebalanced:
    • Fire Breath special ability changed from double Varda’s attack value to 8 + 4 per shard damage.
    • Backswing removed. (It was either that or Maul, and Maul felt too harsh)
    • Last Stand special ability changed to +5 attack, +5 initiative, and +10 defense (that was way too much initiative and dodge, sorry!)
  • Silindros the Avenger tweaks:
    • Army of One special ability changed from +12 attack / +12 initiative to +12 attack / +12 defense.
    • Iron Resolve: Fixed a bug where it was giving +15HP per shard

Bug Fixes

  • Square radius type spells (such as rain of arrows) and adjacent type spells (such as soldiers cleave) can now target blocked tiles.
  • Fixed problems with flawless victories and auto-resolving combat for the AI
  • Fixed rare case where the Fog of War would disappear after the player loads their game.
  • Fixed the ability "gain mana from kills" so that player no longer ended up with negative mana
  • The Falcon no longer dies in battle but returns to City if the player lost the battle or returns to stack with 1 HP if the player wins the battle
  • Fixed gameplay exploit with some Scout abilities
  • "Immune to Magic" ability now properly makes units immune to Sovereign Spellcasts
  • Fixed a stuck turn issue caused by bringing up Unit Details Window in tactical battles
  • Fixed a Tactical Battle crash after pressing the fast forward button twice.
  • Fixed a handful of Quest typos
  • Clarified a number of Spell descriptions to clarify their effects.
  • Fixed crash with selecting Destiny's Judgement.
  • Fixed population display error in that occurred in mid-late game
  • Fixed: City was defeated and nearby outpost and outpost's shard were removed too
  • Fixed a crash fix when playing older game saves
  • The Fallen Apprentice's Tactical tooltip no longer incorrectly lists the Retaliation ability
  • Fixed tooltip for Guard and Pass unit actions saying "This action cannot be performed as an army member" when the army is selected as a whole. This is only supposed to show that for sub-units.
  • Updated some of the scroll art
  • Added a new terrain texture pass to prevent black, unrendered tiles.
  • Fertile land tiles are no longer disappearing
  • Fixed bug that could allow the Lieutenants to be incorrectly be destroyed
  • Reworded "Tangled Web" description to mention that it's a ranged ability
  • New spell effect for "Drain Shard" and "Consume" spells
  • Changed the tile design for camp from "Dwarven Rescue"
  • Buildable Improvement lists are now refreshed when a Sovereign Ability is picked (Fixes the 'Missing Bastion')
  • When a Sovereign is supposed to give resources (Guardian coaxing crystal from the ground, for example) it will use the city as the center point for placing those resource nodes.
  • End game score screen now properly selects the game you just played in the list
  • When grabbing the battle abilities that All Trained Units should have, the game will ignore modifiers that unlock "Retreat Commander Ability"
  • Addressed issues with Retirement text display.
  • Quests
    • Replaced Hunter’s Shortsword with Razorfin Arrowhead for the Guardian introduction quest to be more immediately useful.
    • Removed a duplicate Doomsday rewards. Previously one could get two -4 Doomsday rewards depending on how you played the quest. Replaced the duplicate with a +1 Honor reward
    • Revised Doomsday awards to remove any chance of a +Doomsday and -Doomsday being awarded for the same quest.
    • Fixed bug with repeatable quests (such as the AI offering to trade with you) where they would work correctly the first time but then abruptly end every time they were offered after that.
    • Addressed Confusing Campaign text from the Queen on how to clear the Fearful Fog.
    • Fixed missing results for "A Cruel and Unhealthy Empire". It now displays a with an HP loss (same as an injury) of -3.
    • "The Wealthy Captain" quest gives now gives loot that matches the text.
    • Fixed empty and incorrect Quest rewards
  • UI
    • Fixed annoying hourglass cursor issue.
    • Fixed the Faction Death "X" graphic so that it scales better on 2K displays
    • Fixed case where the medium UI scaling option wasn't being saved after playing once at the medium scale.
    • Fixed visual doomsday bar tiling error
    • Fixed a number of visual issues with 4K UI and UI scaling

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