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Sorcerer King V1.3

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Feature - Build Queue

You may now "queue up" seven building improvements and units on your city. This will decrease the micromanagement of your empire. Chosen improvements and units are added to the bottom of the city management screen (up to seven at a time). Rollover each item and click the arrows to change the queue order or click the X button to remove the item from the queue. World improvements (e.g. clay pits) will also be added to the queue. Fair warning -- servants of the enemy may start targeting World Improvements in the future.

UI Enhancements

  • City projects can now be reordered by using the '<' and '>' buttons on each city project entry in the project list of the City Details Window.
  • Tweaked the placement of the Group buttons on the Sovereign Customization screen
  • Crafting Window will now re-select an item being enchanted. This should reduce frustration with re-selection.
  • On the City Details Window, the "built improvements" section now shows World Improvements that are linked to a city.
  • Added logic to auto-equip code so that it will fill empty weapon / armor slots with best attack / defense items equipable.
  • Leaderboards button now opens in separate browser window rather than in Steam overlay.
  • Holding the control key when clicking the [X] on city project entries bypasses the "are you sure" prompt.


  • The Air Elemental unit now has the active abilities 'Mass Knockback' and 'Thunderstrike'

Bug fixes

  • Auto-equip now equips weapons too
  • Fixed Peregan's "Master Stealth" ability to work with Sorcerer King units
  • Cities built on tiles that have been enchanted will now use the proper City tactical map when invaded.
  • Hooked up icons for Death Charges and Vengeance
  • The Chaos 7 book now gives a Spellbook Enchantment.
  • Fixed the Guardian's 'Tremor' ability. Updated the text description and fixed it's 'Immobilization' effect.
  • Units can no longer Auto-Equip during a Battle
  • Oasis (Medium Map) now supports 5 Rivals
  • Earthly Familiar now properly drains it's '1 Mana per-turn ' maintenance cost
  • Fixed a case where the "Rush" ability was missing an icon in the Initiative list.
  • "Earth Shattering Strike" no longer consumes a Sovereign Cast.
  • Fixed a problem that if the player ended their game and started a new one, some building improvements could not be built.
  • The Sorcerer King spell "Wretched Armor" now properly gives Physical Defense
  • "Wrath Of God" ability description now properly matches spell's ability.
  • "Ray of Judgement" tactical spell now lowers enemy defense instead of increasing it.
  • Fixed bug where the "enemies lose a turn" part of the Nightmare tactical spell did not work.
  • "Flying" ability will now be properly applied to units (e.g. Xii the Archon)
  • Removed Venom Sword Recipe as it gave the same item as the Venom Short Sword Recipe
  • Added several missing recipe names
  • Fixed bug with resource tooltip breakdown where it lists city and wild improvement sources separately in the breakdown, but the city amount was not properly omitting the amount from any wild improvements that are linked to the city.
  • "Wrath of Thunder" "Aura of Madness", "Hold the Line", and "Wrath of Fire" spells now show up on the city enchantments list.
  • Fixed bug with city battles fought one after another at the same city on the same turn, that caused auto-cast battle abilities would not fire in any battle but the first.
  • Fixed text clipping Sovereign Skill Tree Window.
  • Clarified that Varda is from Tarth
  • Fixed bug where recipes did not have a tooltip when given as a reward in battle.
  • Fixed description of commander's "Leadership I" and "Leadership II" abilities so they don't overstate how many army slots they actually grant (both were stating +1 too much).
  • The Tyrant's "Indoctrinate" and Wizard's "Diplomatic" abilities should stick after hitting a turn.
  • Community Fixes
    • Enchanted Maps now properly gives Birch Scroll X2
    • Clairvoyance Amulet now properly gives Radiant Diamond and Platinum Chain
    • Description for the Avenger's Bow no longer describes itself as a Battle Axe
    • There were two recipes named "Staff of the Furnace", one of which actually made a Hailstone Staff (which already has its own recipe). Now there is one recipe for each item.
  • Fixed typos.
  • Fixed bug where tooltip for spellbook enchantment items would say that they can be sold for mana, which they cannot.
  • The [Build] button on the selection context for wild resources is disabled with a tooltip when reason is that the city queue that the project would be added to is full.

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