History of Elemental

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History of Elemental

Legend says...

The world of Elemental was once filled with magic. Anyone could make use of this power, and with it, great kingdoms were built. Malaya, Hallas, and the fabled Al-Ashteroth, magnificent civilizations from the pages of legend.

But even with this power, man was not content, and continuously sought more. Great artifacts were built, artifacts which explored the edges of existence. This attracted the attention of terrible beings who would change Elemental forever.

The Titans

The Titans were immortal beings who wielded power impossible for man to comprehend. Drawn by the folly of man, they arrived in Elemental, seeking to control its magic. A great war had waged amongst the Titans for ages before their arrival, and they brought that conflict with them, turning men into their vassals - and worse. Curgen, most powerful of all the Titans, twisted the energy of the land to forge foul beings and unleashed their horrors upon the world. Magic itself was stripped from the land and trapped, contained within powerful Shards of magic. Great battles were fought for the control of these Shards, and for a time it looked like Elemental would be doomed to a life of eternal conflict.

The Cataclysm

Eventually, a force of mortal men and their ally, the great Titan Tandis, sought out a final confrontation with Curgen. A terrible battle raged for many days and nights, grinding armies and cities to bone and dust. Curgen himself was destroyed, and all the other Titans were slain or sent into hiding. But this victory came at a terrible cost. The Cataclysm, as this conflict would be called, broke the land itself. Mountains were torn to pieces, oceans rose up across the plains, and entire new continents were formed. Civilization all but collapsed.


But there were survivors. New nations were formed, both by men and the twisted beasts formed by Curgen that are now called the Fallen. For hundreds of years Elemental knew something resembling peace. It was not to last.

The Fallen Enchantress

A figure rose in the East, a powerful sorceress called Ceresa, the Fallen Enchantress. Using magic not seen since the age of the Titans, she was able to control vast armies of the Fallen, and with them brought the world to the brink of war. In the West, the newly formed nations of Altar, New Pariden, Capitar, and Tarth forged alliances to stop her. Many great heroes lived in this time: Queen Procipinee, the powerful and ageless leader of New Pariden; Lord Relias, sent to investigate Ceresa and then to lead a great army against her; and the magician Mirdoth, who traveled unseen in the East, and found Curgen's Bane, a powerful artifact capable of stopping Ceresa. They succeeded. For a time, the world was safe again.

The Sorcerer King

But Curgen's Bane was an artifact of unknowable power, and it began to twist the mind of Mirdoth. He disappeared from the pages of history for many years, until a new figure appeared in the East, a magician of unsurpassed power. Known as the Sorcerer King, his great armies swept over the land, easily brushing aside the armies of man and Fallen that stood in his way. The nations of man were annihilated or reduced to fragments of what they once were. The great heroes of the earlier age, including Relias and Procipinee, perished or disappeared.

The World Today

Since conquering the world, the Sorcerer King has not been at rest. The Bane holds his mind tightly, and he now has something planned for Elemental, something sinister. The destruction of the Shards of magic is but the first step. Something worse is coming.

With the Sorcerer King distracted by his scheme, the remaining fragments of civilization have found room to quietly begin rebuilding their power. The danger is apparent for all to see. But time is running out.