Sorcerer King V1.2

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Sorcerer King V1.2

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  • New Shard mechanics -- Keep a closer eye on the the Sorcerer King's forces. Their attacks on Shards will increase the Doomsday. The increase in Doomsday varies according the game's difficulty setting.
  • Spellbooks Enchantments - The player will now have 8 single-use enchantment pages to use throughout the game (pages given are determined by the Sovereign's Spellbook)

Bugs / Balance / Improvements

  • Mana Check is now done when pressing 'Add' or Double Clicking the Ingredient Entry
  • Avenger Hero's "Endless Rage" fixed to properly retain 100% of Vengeance.
  • Archivist improvement now properly gives bonus based on # of attached shards
  • Fixed truncated text issues on City Details Window
  • Fixed bug where the Enchanting list would not collapse if you clicked the [+/-] button itself, and instead only worked if clicking the text.
  • Added checks so that the tactical AI obeys the Sovereign spellcast limits
  • Fixed bug where Aura of Entropy didn't show up on City Details Window, nor City List Window, so there was no way to cancel the Enchantment.
  • On the Unit Details Window, adjusted size of unit description control, to fix clipped text for units with longer descriptions, such as the Pariden Settler
  • On the enchanting tab of the Crafting/Enchanting Window, fixed location of the (!) control to better center the exclamation point
  • Fixed bug where ESC to close Unit Details Window, City Details Window, City List Window would cease to function after a message box pops up over top of it, such as when selling an item for mana, or cancelling an enchantment.
  • Fixed a bug where tactical move radius overlay would sometimes show the wrong information
  • Made sure to refresh the local player's mana amount, number of spellcasts, and Sovereign spellcast button as soon as a tactical spell is cast
  • Fixed some AI issues with our system for Sovereign casts not taking the tactical unit's turn
  • Maul will no longer have a minimum chance to hit.
  • Unit Details window given a 'Auto-Equip' button that assigns equipment to any empty slots
  • Auto-Equip button hides for Non-player Units
  • Added code to ensure that the Sorcerer King cannot be targeted for spells that are not allowed to target unique units. In older saves, SK was not marked as unique, and so spells like "Kill" could be cast on him.
  • Tangled Web no longer causes crazy dodge values in the webbed unit
  • Edge scroll speed is no longer being affected by tactical speed setting. This made edge scroll really hard to use when the speed was increased.
  • Older save games will no longer get stuck on minor faction quests screens
  • Added keyboard shortcuts UP/LEFT/DOWN/RIGHT and W/A/S/D for moving around the tactical battle camera
  • Pressing "Add" or double clicking on a Crafting Ingredient will now instantly Enchant the item reducing unnecessary clicking.
  • Tweaked Archipelago map to fix a case where a city was not spawning
  • Fixed an issue with autosaves would sometimes break quests
  • Prevented the DESTROY button from showing up in the selection context of claimed resources that do not belong to the player

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