Sorcerer King V1.4

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Sorcerer King V1.4

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Resource system overhaul: Resources are now a more important part of the game play. Resources collected from nodes are now stored and accumulate over time. Many units now require these extra resources in order to be trained.

Gameplay / Balance

  • Metal mines now produce +1 metal per turn
  • Pastures now produce +1 horses per turn
  • Crystal mines now produce +1 crystal per turn
  • Friendly races don't give units to you as cheaply.
  • Crystal is now a stored resource
  • Metal is now a stored resource
  • Horses are now a stored resource
  • Harvest mountain will now provide 5 metal
  • Starting units no longer use logistics
  • Starting soldier unit now can equip swords, is a veteran, has endurance 2, has regen 1, is a bard, and gets a defense bonus as it levels up.
  • Archers now have armor piercing ability
  • Soldiers now have defender 1 ability and are swordsmen
  • Sentinels are now executioners
  • Sentinels require 10 metal
  • Clockwork soldiers now require 15 metal
  • Man at Arms requires 20 metal
  • Pikeman consumes 2 logistics instead of 1
  • Archers consume 2 logistics
  • Spearmen consume 2 logistics
  • Riders require 8 metal and 8 horses to train
  • Knights require 10 metal and 10 horses
  • Crusaders require 12 metal and 12 horses
  • Clerics require 8 crystal
  • Battle Mages require 12 crystal
  • Archons require 16 crystal
  • Other units require similar levels of resources
  • Varda now uses starting soldiers
  • Hunter's Sword requires level 3 to use.
  • Doomsday counter goes up every 8 turns instead of 10 turns
  • Slight variance now in what kinds of creatures the SK will spawn from round to round
  • Remnant factions substantially more powerful
  • Allied remnants now become much more powerful (or deadly if you're their enemy)
  • Remnants substantially more aggressive at attacking enemies
  • You can now equip weapons and shields on trained units


  • Rewrote remnant pioneer code to be better at settling new areas
  • Fixed the continent code so the AI won't get stuck
  • Fixed lots of various bugs
  • Fixed lots of various text bugs

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