The Kingdom Report

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The Kingdom Report


The Kingdom Report is a valuable breakdown of the current progression of the player's nation. From it one can see the advantages their faction has, it’s current status in the world as it pertains to other nations and all available victory conditions.

The Kingdom Report.png
1 Sovereign Portrait 2 Faction Statistics 3 Faction Traits 4 Time Limit Progress
5 Conquest Victory Progress 6 Diplomatic Victory Progress 7 Master Quest Progress 8 Spell of Making Progress


If one is looking for a detailed breakdown of their nation’s economy, cities, and magic use, the Ledger screen is the best tool for the job. From this screen one can adjust their tax rate and peruse various sets of information, which are broken down into three separate tabs.

The Enchantment screen lists all of the enchantments the player currently has active across the world. Here they can see how much mana is being drained from their income every season, along with what benefits they are providing and who/what they are cast on. If they deem any of them unnecessary they can be canceled any active enchantment from this screen by clicking the “Dispel” button.

City List
The City List will show the player all of their current cities for easy comparison, broken into their specialization. It’s a great place to keep tabs on which of their cities are the strongest in different areas, are missing enchantments or aren’t building anything. When cities feel like they are underperforming this screen can be a great tool to help they player figure out why by allowing them to compare the tool-tips for their stats with those of their stronger cities.

The Economy screen is a complete breakdown of a nation’s Gildar income. If one finds themselves running out of money, or just needing more to buy items or rush production, the Economy screen is where they can track down the big producers and spenders in their nation.