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The Workshop is a set of tools to allow players to modify and alter the game to suit their desires. With them you can create new factions, maps, particle effects and tile designs.

Builder’s Forge
The Builder’s Forge allows one to design tiles using an assortment of pieces. The creations can then be hooked to Goodie Huts, Improvements, and Resources to fill the game world.

Cartographer’s Table
World maps of all sizes can be molded to a player's will at the Cartographer’s Table.

Particle Cauldron
Spells and tile designs can all make use of the creations brewed from the Particle Cauldron. This is a difficult tool to master, however.

Faction Creator
The Faction Creator allows one to create a faction. Establish a name, backstory, crest, and divvy out strengths and weaknesses to craft a nation worthy of rule.